My Name is Tara.

Yogi. Dairy free vegetarian , predominately vegan. I eat compassionately.
Striving to get past my fears and find inner peace, and trust my body and my mind.

I believe in living your life in a happy and natural way. I like to approach and deal with my stressful lifestyle with use of spiritallity, art, relaxation, exercise and healthfoods. Having experience a number of health issues over the years I have this is the best way to live mylife and reach true mind and body happiness.

I love to keep my mind and body focused and free whilst nourishing it with the best food possible.

I am very interested in how food can be used as medicine and truly believe a plant based diet is the best for health and the envirmoment.

Tea is love.
Peace out and ask me anything.

Strawberries on my oats.
  • 16 June 2013
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